Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is the application of scientific methods to help preserve, recover and investigate digital evidence in the event of cybercrime. Those who work in the field require an immense amount of skill and knowledge to carry out the necessary responsibilities.


Should be aware of basic computing, operating system, file types, hashing & encoding and networking fundamentals.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Fundamentals of Digital Forensics

Module 3: Data Acquisition and methods

Module 4: File & Disk Analysis

Module 5: Representation of Data

Module 6: Files Examination

Module 7: Disks and File System Analysis

Module 8: Windows Forensics and Analysis

Module 9: Network Forensics and Analysis

Module 10: Logs and Timeline Analysis

Module 11: Forensic Reporting

Why choose this course?

  • This course will give you a complete understanding of the fundamentals of Digital Forensics.
  • If you are looking for carrier in the digital forensic investigation this course is for you.

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