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In today’s world, Cybersecurity plays an important role in protecting and securing user information from stealing and damaging their networks and databases from various malicious activity. It includes Controlling physical access to the network from injecting harmful code or creating a permanent backdoor to the system in order to get the system access.

IGNITE Technology is an institute who provides comprehensive knowledge in the field of cyber security to their students in order to succeed in their future goals with the help of latest techniques. Our teaching staffs are highly qualified IT professionals who served in this Field for over decades who helped students to understand the various threats and how to protect them.



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  1. Mike

    I just found this website of articles and I want to say thank you. If I had money (which I might get after learning all this) I’d give it to you now. This is so awesome of you to share all this for free and spend so much time and effort. When I grow up (even though I’m probably older than you) I want to be just like you!


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