Advance Burp Suite

Bug Bounty without Burp Suite? Impossible to think that of!!  In today’s era, web-application penetration testing is one of the most significant fields in the Information Security concept. However, within all this, Burp Suite plays a major role, whether it’s a basic web-application scan or the exploitation for the identified vulnerabilities, burp suite does it all.

A tool scripted in Java, developed by the PortSwigger Community with 3 variations entitled as Community, Professional & the Enterprise, can do whatever you wish for, sometimes termed as the right-hand of the Bug Bounty Hunters. Thereby this course will cover up everything that could help you to move forward over with your Bug Bounty journey.


There is nothing as such in-advanced you need to aware of before initiating this course, but still, it would be great learning if the candidate is aware of the known-vulnerabilities and the OWASP TOP 10.

Burp Suite for Pentester would be plus point for the students who have already enrolled with the Ignite’s Bug Bounty Program.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Burp Suite
  • Burp Suite Fundamentals
  • Burp Suite’s Vulnerability Scanner
  • Advanced Fuzzing
  • The Burp Collaborator
  • The Burp’s Hack Bar
  • Top 10 Vulnerability Plugins
  • Burp Suite Encoder & Decoder8
  • Payload Processing
  • Engagement Tools

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