How to use Beast Trojan

Step 1:- Download the necessary software  Beast 2.06

Step 2:- Open the software

Step 3:- Now click on “Build server “button.


Step 4:- Now in this window click on the notifications tab.

Step 5:- In the notifications tab click on the e-mail button.

Step 6:- Now In this window fill your proper and valid email id.

Step 7:- Now go to “AV-FW kill” tab.

Step 8: – Now In this put a tick mark on the “disable XP firewall “.

Step 9:-Now click on “EXE icon” tab.

Step 10:- Select any icon and click on the ”Save Server” button and the Trojan will be made.

Step 11:-Now send this Trojan File to victim.

Step 12:- As and when the victim will install the Trojan on his system you will get a notification e-mail on your specified e-mail id while making the Trojan. This Email consists of the IP address and port of the victim.

Step 13:-Put This IP address and Port in the place shown in the below snap-shot.

Step 14:- After That Click on the “Go Beast” Button and You will be connected to victims PC.

How to use Prorat Trojan

Download Prorat.exe
Open prorat.exe that you have downloaded.

Click on Create  and then Create ProRat Server

 Enter your host name or IP in the ProRat Notification If you don’t know you IP address click the red arrow and It will fill you IP address automatically.

Now open Notifications at the sidebar and select the second option “Mail Notifications” Change this to the your email address where you want to receive notifications when the server is installed into your victims computer.

Click on Bind with file on the sidebar. You can bind it with a text document or Image File

Now Click on server Icon and choose the desired icon and click on Create server.


The server gets installed silently in the computer background and the hacker will be sent a notification to the email address he described in the notification tab whenever the victim is infected

How to bind or attach a keylogger or trojan with other file (iexpress Tutorial)

Go to “Start” and hit “Run”.

Type iexpress

Now IExpress is open. Select ” Create new Self Extraction Directive file” then click Next

Select ” “Extract files and run an instalation command” and click Next

Choose a tittle for ur package and click Next

Select No prompt and click Next

Select Do not display a license and click Next

Now click Add and first select the server or keylogger or whatever you want to send to the victim. And then click on Add and select the file that u want show to the victim and click Next.

Now where it says “Install program” put the name of what you want to install on the victim’s PC, the server, the keylogger … etc.etc. and where it says “post install command” write the name of the file to be displayed to the victim and click Next

Select Hidden and click next

Select No message and click Next

Now select “Browse” and find where you want to save your new binded exe at, and then type a name for it and hit Next

Now select No restart and click Next

Select  save Self Extraction Directive

Then Click on Next and then click Finish and ur new file is created

you have now binded your server to .exe file. Now, simply send this binded file to your victim and ask him to run your binded file on his computer