How to Break Syskey Password Windows 7 and Server 2008

  1. Download Syskey Remover

  2. You can write this image with any image burning software. We are using our traditional software Nero.
  3. Now go to the system and boot form this CD.

Press Enter on boot options

This window bootable Linux scripts will search your entire hard disk and show all the available partitions on hard disk.

Press Enter

Press 1 and than Enter

Press Enter

Press 1 ( To reset the Password ) and than Enter

Press 2  ( To change the syskey status)  and then Enter

Press y and then Enter

Now, your syskey password will get removed

Now we will reset windows administrator password

Press 1 ( Edit user data & password) and then Enter
Type Administrator and then Enter
Press 1 (To clear the password) and then Enter
Press   !  sign and enter to come back on pervious menu.
Press  Q  (  For quit) and then Enter
Press y  ( To save the changes made so far ) and then Enter
Press N(For no more changes) and then Enter

Now press ALT + CTRL + DEL to restart the system

How to use ERD Commander 2007 (Break Administrator Password)

  1. Start your computer and enter into Bios Setup.
  2. Change your boot preferences to boot from CD /DVD.
  3. Insert your ERD Commander Bootable CD.
  4. Once the ERD Commander starts booting it will ask you for Windows Installation, select appropriate installation for which you need to reset passwod

Once ERD is loaded it will present you a interface similar to windows.Click the START button, Select System Tools > and then select Locksmith.

Enter you new password and close Click Start Button again and restart the PC

Hack Windows Password with the Help of Hiren’s Boot CD

Hiren’s BootCD is an ultimate solution to almost all your computer problems. It comes loaded with hell lot of tools.Each of them is powerful and can be really very helpful if used with caution. You can solve nearly all your PC problems like virus infection, hdd failure, data recovery, Hard disk partitioning, password recovery using this CD.

This CD consists of variety of tools like
  • Antivirus Tools
  • BIOS / CMOS Tools
  • Browsers / File Managers
  • FileSystems Tools
  • Hard Disk Tools
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools
  • MultiMedia Tools
  • Ms Dos Tools
  • Network Tools
  • Optimizers
  • Partition Tools
  • Password Tools
  • Process Tools
  • RAM (Memory) Testing Tools
  • Recovery Tools
  • Registry Tools
  • Remote Control Tools
  • Security Tools
  • Startup Tools
  • System Information Tools
  • Testing Tools
  • Tweakers

Change Password with the Help of Hiren Boot CD

Download Hiren Boot CD


1. Enter “Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer”
With Up & Down keys select Offline ‘NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer’ and press Enter.

Press Enter Here

Press Enter

Press 1 for (Password Resetting) and then Press ENTER

Press 1  and then ENTER

Write (user name to be changed  for Password) and then ENTER

Press 1 (to clear Password) and then ENTER

Press Q ( to quit)and then ENTER
Press (!),and then ENTER

Press (y) and then ENTER

Press (n), and then ENTER
Press ctrl+alt+delete
Remove Hiren’s BootCD and Restart the Computer