Protos – IP Protocol Scanner

Protos is an IP protocol scanner. It goes through all possible IP protocols and uses a negative scan to sort out unsupported protocols which should be reported by the target using ICMP protocol unreachable messages.

First Open Your backtrack and Follow these path

Applications->BackTrack -> Information Gathering -> Network Analysis -> Route Analysis -> protos

 You can start it with./protos –I eth0 –d (IP) -v

Usage: ./protos -i eth0 -d -v

 -v     verbose

 -V    show which protocols are not supported

 -u    don’t ping targets first

 -s     make the scan slow (for very remote devices)

 -L     show the long protocol name and it’s reference (RFC)

 -p x  number of probes (default=5)

 -S x  sleeptime is x (default=1)

 -a x  continue scan afterwards for x seconds (default=3)

 -d dest destination (IP or IP/MASK)

 -i interface         the eth0 stuff

 -W   don’t scan, just print the protocol list

Jigsaw – Email Enumeration Tool (Employees Footprinting)

Jigsaw.rb is a simple ruby script for enumerating information about a company’s employees. It is useful for Social Engineering or Email Phishing.

First Download jigsaw script here and save in your desktop

Now unzip the file unzip

You can start it with./jigsaw.rb –s

Jigsaw usage Example

-i, –id [Jigsaw Company ID]      The Jigsaw ID to use to pull records
-s, –search [Company Name]      Name of organization to search for
-r, –report [Output Filename]   Name to use for report EXAMPLE: ‘-r facebook’ will generate ‘facebook.csv’
        -v, –verbose                    Enables verbose output


URLCrazy-Domain Name Typo Tool

URLCrazy is a tool that can generate and test domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking, phishing, and corporate espionage.


  • Generates 15 types of domain variants
  • Knows over 8000 common misspellings
  • Supports cosmic ray induced bit flipping
  • Multiple keyboard layouts (qwerty, azerty, qwertz, dvorak)
  • Checks if a domain variant is valid
  • Test if domain variants are in use
  • Estimate popularity of a domain variant
  • URLCrazy requires Linux and the Ruby interpreter

First download urlcrazy from here and save on your desktop

Now untar the file tar -zxvf urlcrazy.tar.gz

You can start it with./urlcrazy