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Penetration Testing, Wireless Hacking

Capture Images in Mobile using Driftnet through Wifi Pumpkin

WiFi-Pumpkin is an open source security tool that provides the Rogue access point to Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks. Using WiFi Pumpkin, one can create a wifi network that captures all the requests made within the network by any device that connects to the network.

First of all, u need to download WiFi Pumpkin and install it in your Kali Linux. To download WiFi Pumpkin, go to and click on Clone or Download. Thereafter, copy the URL to the clipboard and open the terminal. Type in:-

 git clone “URL copied to clipboard”

Next, go to the directory of WiFi Pumpkin on the terminal. For eg., if the repo is downloaded to the Desktop, type:

Thereafter, run wifi-pumpkin:

This will open the GUI version of WiFi-Pumpkin. Now select the network adapter and change the SSID from PumpAP and rename it as desired.

Thereafter click on the Start button. This will create a new wifi-zone with the name entered in the SSID field.

Now as soon as any device connects to this wifi network, its details will be shown in the table at the right. Select any target device from the list of connected device/s and select Active Driftnet from the Tools menu.  

As soon as Driftnet starts, it will start sending screenshots from the victim’s desktop/mobile. This will also capture the images of facebook.

Author: Shivam Gupta is An Ethical HackerCyber Security Expert, Penetration Tester, India. you can contact here

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