BlindElephant-Web Application Fingerprinter

The Blind Elephant Web Application Fingerprinter attempts to discover the version of a (known) web application by comparing static files at known locations against precomputed hashes for versions of those files in all available releases. The technique is fast, low-bandwidth, non-invasive, generic, and highly automatable.


  • Fast, low-resource approach (generally <6 seconds and < 400kb)
  • Support for 15 commonly deployed web apps (and hundreds of versions), and very easy to add support for more
  • Support for web app plugins (Drupal and WordPress currently, more with community input)
How to use BlindElephant in BackTrack

First Open Your backtrack and Follow these path

Applications->BackTrack -> Information Gathering -> Web Application Analysis -> CMS Identification -> blindelephant


./ (CMS)

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