3 ways to Capture HTTP Password in Network PC

Cain and Abel

First download cain and abel from here and install in your pc.  Click on Sniffer

Right click on the window and select Scan MAC address option.

Now enter the range and click on OK.

It will display the list of Active IP address with Mac address with in the specified range.

Now Select  APR in  top of the status bar and  click on + symbol in tool bar  . It will add IP address with MAC address to the list.

Now select target IP address with MAC address and click on OK.

It will start APR.

Now click on APR Poisioning  in toolbar.

Now click on Passwords option in Status bar and click on HTTP option in Passwords. It will show username and password of visited URLs.


First of all, login to Kali Linux and select ettercap

Click on sniff. Select unified sniffing option.

It will ask for network interface. Select eth0 and click OK.

Now select Hosts and click on scan for hosts or press ctrl+s.

It will show the IP Addresses in the network. Select the target IP Address like and click on add to Target 1.

Now select  Mitm ( man in the middle) option. Click on ARP poisoning

It will ask for sniff remote connections or only poison one-way. Check the option sniff remote connections.

Now Select start option and click on start sniffing or press   shift+ctrl+W.

It will show you HTTP password of target PC.


Download net-creds tool from here and save in you desktop.  To use net-creds type the following command

./net-creds.py  –i eth0

It will show you captured http password of remote pc.

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