How to Perform Remote SSH Tunneling

Hello friends! Previously we had discussed on Dynamic tunneling and Local tunneling and today we are going to discuss Remote tunneling.

Remote tunneling is functional when a client machine wants to access a remote system which is outward from its network.

 Example: Your personal laptop (at home) is connected with your office server; currently you are working on a client system (at office) which is connected to office server. Now if you want to connect your client system with laptop in order to read some document then there should be a remote tunnel between them for communication.

Let’s Begin!!

Objective:  To establish HTTP connection between remote PC and client server of different network.

Here I have set my own lab which consist three systems in following network:

SSH server (two Ethernet interface) 

IP connected to remote system

IP connected to local network system

Ubuntu client (local network system) holds IP

Remote system (outside network) holds IP

Given image below is describing the network configuration for SSH server where it is showing two IP and another as explain above.

Another image given below is describing network configuration for ubuntu client which is showing IP

Another image given below is describing network configuration for Remote Desktop whose IP is

Since in this tutorial we are showing HTTP tunneling and this service is running on port 80 of Xampp server (at localhost).

From given image you can observe that the wordpress website is running on port 80.

At SSH server we have successfully browse wordpress website using URL and get connected with remote desktop, since they belongs to same network hence they both can access each other network for communication.

Similarly we had tried connect remote Desktop with ubuntu client through URL but get failed to browse wordpress website. Since they both belong to different network hence connection forbidden here.

Now try to establish link between remote desktop and ubuntu client using putty.

Use putty to connect SSH server ( via port 22 and follow given below steps.

Then go with option SSH >Tunnel specified in the left column of category and follow given below steps:

  1. Mark the check box for “Local ports accept connections from other hosts
  2. Give new port forwarded as 7000 and connection type as remote.
  3. Destination address as 127. 0.0.1:80 for establishing connection and then click on ADD at last
  4. Click on open when all things are set.


This will first establish the connection between remote pc and SSH server which will act like a link between remote desktop and ubuntu client throughout communication.

Now open the browser inside ubuntu client and again try to connect with remote desktop using URL this will browse wordpress website which was running on localhost of remote desktop via SSH server on port 7000.

Hence we had successfully connected with remote desktop through ubuntu client.

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets. Contact here

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