Best of Internet Explorer Exploit

MS12-063 Microsoft Internet Explorer execCommand Use-After-Free Vulnerability

MS12-043 Microsoft XML Core Services MSXML Uninitialized Memory Corruption

MS12-004 midiOutPlayNextPolyEvent Heap Overflow

MS12-020 Microsoft Remote Desktop Use-After-Free DoS

MS11-093 Microsoft Windows OLE Object File Handling Remote Code Execution

Internet Explorer CSS Recursive Import Use After Free

Windows Media Encoder 9 wmex.dll ActiveX Buffer Overflow

Internet Explorer COM CreateObject Code Execution

Internet Explorer WebViewFolderIcon setSlice() Overflow

Microsoft DirectShow (msvidctl.dll) MPEG-2 Memory Corruption

MS11-050 IE mshtml!CObjectElement Use After Free

Internet Explorer Daxctle.OCX KeyFrame Method Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Windows ANI LoadAniIcon() Chunk Size Stack Buffer Overflow (HTTP)

Internet Explorer createTextRange() Code Execution

Internet Explorer Winhlp32.exe MsgBox Code Execution

Internet Explorer CSS SetUserClip Memory Corruption

Internet Explorer 7 CFunctionPointer Uninitialized Memory Corruption

Microsoft Help Center XSS and Command Execution

Internet Explorer “Aurora” Memory Corruption

Internet Explorer DHTML Behaviors Use After Free

Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution

MS05-054 Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript OnLoad Handler Remote Code Execution

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